Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt “In Nature”

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Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt “In Nature”

My family loves to hike and take nature walks on the weekends! We go so often that we know all the local trails forward and backwards, and honestly, it can get a bit mundane to just keep walking the same “ol’” trail each time, especially for kids. So we like to liven it up a bit with games! And as homeschoolers, games always turn into learning opportunities!

This time, we decided to have an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt “In Nature” using our Cameras !

ABC Photo Scavenger Hunt

Not only does this liven up the nature hikes, it is a fun and adventurous way for little ones to get exercise, learn to appreciate God’s creation, practice their phonics, photography and computer skills!

It is so simple! I really like leaving nature “as is” and in many State parks it is a requirement to leave nature alone, so, instead of picking up the items you find along the way, take pictures of them! In the age of technology, just about everyone has a camera or a phone that takes pictures so this should not be a problem!

Starting with ‘A’ go through the alphabet finding things in nature that start with the letter! Example: A – Acorn B – Branches, or you can even go with ideas or concepts or descriptions like E – Erosion, O – Ooze, Y – Yellow. For harder letters we found the letter carved on a table or painted on a tree, you can use the the “ex” like in ‘Exit’ for the letter ‘X’ but explain to the kids the difference and why we make an exception!

Educational aspects of this activity:

  • Exercise: I highly recommend the phone app “Map My Fitness” but a pedometer would work, talk to the kids about how beneficial simply walking 30 minutes a day is for you health! (Check HERE for a list of benefits.) The app/pedometer will help them record their progress and excites them to see how far they went and how fast they traveled!
  • Creation: Explain to the kiddos how wonderful God’s creation is and how we must do our best to care for nature. Talk to them about why we need nature!
  • Phonics – explain to little ones about the short and long vowel sounds and soft and hard consonant sounds and discuss examples of each as you go!
  • Photography: Show your kids how to use a camera (If they don’t know) how to use the different settings, when to use flash, how to zoom and focus, talk about lighting and angles.
  • Computer: When you get home from your big adventure have the kids download their photos and make a collage of them and be sure and post it on Facebook (my kids LOVE to have their projects posted for all my friends and family to see and comment!) You can also join Project Noah (which also has an app to use) and upload your images, document your finds, earn “badges!” You can check out my Project Noah HERE ( I have to start adding more pics!) Help your kids identify their finds with Nature Share!

And don’t forget!!! I would LOVE hear about your adventure!

Oh, and don’t think this is only a game for little kids, my kids are 19, 14, & 12 and they all had a great time hunting for things to take pictures of, and so did hubby and I!

We had some creative images like E- for Erosion and R – for rot. The last pic was mine, my eldest just came off of working the night shift and he was catching some Zzz’s in the truck so I snuck a pic, he was tired but he was all for going with us on our adventure!!

ABC Photo Scavenger Hunt Collage



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