Same destination, different paths…

“This may offend some people but it needs to be said… “

This is how my Facebook status started… I have noticed when I add new people to my Facebook and once they discover I believe differently from them, they take it upon themselves to try to “bring me back to the faith” or rather bring me back to THEIR faith. It’s OK really, I understand, you see when I was “spiritually immature” I did the same thing.

Same Destination Different Paths: A personal thought on 1 Corinthians 12

… so I continued writing my status with the following…

“I did not come by my set of beliefs lightly. Honestly I fought it kicking and screaming most of the way. I would lay in bed in a fetal position begging God to show me something, a loop hole, that would excuse me from traveling down this path. I mean, I had finally felt I had a place in my church, being accepted, doing my thang’ and here I was being showed something so different from what others did, that many rejected me because they didn’t understand. Who can blame them, I really didn’t understand either but I had asked for it. I loved God so much that I did not want to worship Him with the “tainted” shards left from past false religions. So, I prayed for God to show me a way to worship Him more purely, a way not plagued with “pagan leftovers.” So He showed me and once He shows you something you can not simply “un-see” it.

I messed up a lot at first, I thought that it was my personal duty to pass along the revelations to everyone else. I was immature in the spirit and had no business trying to teach anyone anything at that point. I was just suppose to live it out as He told me too and if others had questions, they would ask. But I was met with much resistance and came back at people (everyone) in my own self defense, wielding an un-seasoned sword and hurt others and myself in the process (to which I have apologized for on more than one occasion but once again, I am sorry)

Finally, I learned this was MY path. Not YOUR path. There are some that may walk beside me on this path, some I may have for a season, a moment, to share what I was shown, but this path is my own and all I have to do is walk it and He may give me a walking buddy from time to time but mostly, I walk it alone, waving at others across the way as they walk their own paths often in groups (which makes me jealous) but all I can do is walk and try not stumble. But if I do stumble, God is faithful to reach out and get me back up, dust me back off, and send me off again. I am pleased to say I am secure enough in my beliefs, I no longer have to tear at others beliefs to make myself feel more… “right”

I pretty much stay to myself, and mind my own business. I don’t have a church, I don’t have a group, I don’t have other believers even in similar religious sects like “Messianic Jew” “Hebrew Roots“, or “Christian Roots” or “Church of God” that I feel I can be around at this point and it certainly is not for my lack of trying, but I suppose I am to just walk alone at this point and that is ok because I know God is beside me so I am never really alone.

Now, on occasion I will post something of my beliefs, either something I am currently studying, something I am applying to myself, or something God has pressed on my heart to share. When I post these things I do not do it to attack YOUR religion, nor do I do it to offend you… so there really is no need for your rebuttal, comments, “debunking“ statements on my post.. Questions, you can ask, I love questions (but be warned I do not know all the answers) but really, after the battles I have been in at the beginning of my walk I do not care to get into an argument on social media about why I believe what I believe because honestly you just can not dig into it deep enough to go down the bunny hole with me via Facebook, you can not see my passion, (which is often mistaken for aggression) the tears, the love I express when I talk about the things God has shown me. I just won’t do it anymore. I am tired. So please, do not post your well meaning “edifications” on my posts… you can like my post, you can comment an encouraging comment, you can ask questions… you can unfollow me or even delete me if my rare post bothers you so badly, but please, do not try to provoke me into a Facebook argument over interpretations of scripture, I’m just not going there any more.

Be happy walking your path, wave at me across the way when you see me, but stop trying to drag me into following your footsteps, I am to busy trying to follow in Yeshua’s.”

So many times in a believers journey we try to make others believe what we believe, do what we do, look like what we look like. We think that our way is the ONLY way and what if that is JUST NOT TRUE? What IF, God brings people to Him the best way that THAT person can relate and function in His body of believers? Often, I see those of like gifts and callings grouped together and sadly, they think this forms a whole NEW religion or denomination or doctrine. But it shouldn’t, it just makes up a different function within the body.

Let us use the “body” analogy to look at this.
Ok, you have many different types of tissue in the body that make up many different organs that have many different functions… the heart tissue grouped together to form the heart, the lung tissue grouped together to form the lungs and so on… So with that in mind, those of various gifts & callings tend to want to group together with like kinds (as they should) for proper growth and function. For example, those with the gift of speaking in tongues have grouped together and largely make up the Pentecostal denomination. (I use them as my example because of my childhood church background) This is what 1st Corinthians 12 is talking about!
So… the Pentecostals are just ONE part of a large body of Christ! And just like the body, there are tons of organs and tissues and functions but if even one of these things are missing or not functioning properly then the whole body suffers.

So we need to look at different denominations as different organs in a body doing their function to make the whole body thrive. The lungs are not going over and trying to “convert” the heart into being a lung. No, the lungs simply do what they have to do to function as they are meant to while receiving the needed blood from the heart to survive. Just the same as the heart is just being the heart while receiving the needed oxygen from the lungs it needs to survive. Different? Yes, but both vitally needed for life!!

So the next time you feel the urge to try to convert someone from one denomination to another think this over.

Same body, different functions…
Same destination, different paths…

and that’s ok!

Love and Blessings,



About Becky Husband

Becky is a Hebraic Christian homeschool mom blogger that lives on a small farm in Deep East Texas. When she isn't homeschooling her kids, she is busy documenting her family's life on her blog. In her blog, she writes about her faith, family, homeschooling, and homesteading. She also shares the family's abundance of hobbies such as geocaching, hiking, biking, birding, nature photography, and most recently her art! She is always eager to answer any questions others may have so feel free to leave comments and inquiries!

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