Happy Daze of January 2017

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New Year, New Beginnings, that is what I expect for 2017. I want a year that is better… not perfect mind you, there is no such thing as perfect, it may not even be great. I just want a better year and the only way to make something better is to work hard at making it happen and that is exactly what I plan to do!! Enjoy the good and get past the bad… taking one day at a time!

January 1st

We usually want to do the “First Day Hike” on New Years Day but this year we were feeling a bit under the weather so we decided to do a First Day Geocaching Trip”… more riding,  less walking. We only found two geocaches… pretty sad. Poor Adam didn’t even get to find one but we rode around some and it was still nice to just ride around the countryside and enjoy being out of the house.

DSCN5037pic collage

January 2nd

Feeling better today we adventured on down a hiking trail! The nice spring like weather of Deep East Texas gave opportunity for the kids to play in the springs along the trail. Adam was being silly trying to “dam up the spring” I believe he had a losing battle with nature. He couldn’t get near enough rocks to even slow down the flow but never the less, he had fun!


January 3rd

He had his first experience with “black snakes” fireworks. We started talking about how it may work for the little round pills to grow like they do. I searched for information online and found an experiment we could do with common household items! His science experiment made a much larger snake than the firework so he was quite pleased! (Find the experiment HERE)


January 9th

Today we went on a nature walk so my youngest could “test drive” his head mounted “GoPro” type camera. They found a poor dead turtle that he had to show me but his sister just wanted to give it a “Viking burial.” (Something we now must investigate) They then spent the rest of the afternoon skipping rocks. We decided to look up the “physics” of skipping rocks once we got home. It has a lot to do with angle, momentum and velocity to make the perfect skip! Learning happens anywhere their curiosity is piqued!


They also decided to play some volleyball when we got home, again it is a lot of silly and a little playing but as long as everyone is happy, so am I!



January 10th

Nice weather has been holding steady in Deep East Texas, for that I am thankful. It lets the kids spend more time outside burning off all that “winter time energy.” A game of toss quickly became a game of keep away and wrestling. I am glad that my girl has no problem hanging right in there with the boys. In her words, “I ain’t no powder puff!”



January 21st

We had fun this evening with my sister and family playing board games… “Tri-ominoes” (good game for basic math practice but a challenge for dyslexic ) & “Name 5” which is a trivia like game!! Lots of laughs, especially with the “Name 5” it is funny how when put on the spot for an answer you can not think at all!!


January 23rd

We decided to go to our local zoo. It had been a few years since the last time we had been. Not much had changed but the kids seemed to enjoy the outing.

We talked about how some of the animals were rescued from the wild after an injury, while others are bought or traded from other captive born animals in zoos across the nation. We talked about where each animal was from and if they were endangered or not. Every exhibit my daughter says, “Awe, I want one!!” They had a great time and even enjoyed the play ground a little!!


January 29th

Today our 16 year old had to work a midday shift at the grocery store and our oldest at work as well, we took our 14 year old out to a small lake and had a mini hike. We took some pics and investigated the cypress trees and rich lighter pine stumps. Then we let him drive a little on the dirt roads. He isn’t fond of driving but I want to have him practice a little back road driving here and there along the way so in a couple years he won’t be quiet so apprehensive about it. He did a good job!



January 31st

With Venus and Mar shining brightly along side the crescent moon we took out the telescope for a little star gazing. Big bro sighted it in for us and we all got to look at the craters on the sliver of the moon which sparked conversations and speculation about how the craters got there. Tomorrow’s science lesson presented itself!



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Love and Blessings,


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