Happy Daze of February 2017

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within. William C. Bryant


February 1st

Venus and Mar shone brightly alongside the crescent moon last night when we took out the telescope for a little star gazing. This helped provoke our current science study. We looked at how asteroids make craters on the surface of the moon! With the help of THIS video, we made our little experiment! Of course Catfish our cat just thought it was snack time!


February 2nd

When Hurricane Rita came through a few years back it blew over some of our big trees outback. This left a nice mound of dirt covered roots showing. With time the sand got packed in pretty good and so Adam decided to sculpt the sand into a bear! I thought this was so creative! Take away the electronics and just see what your kids come up with to entertain themselves!


He also decided it was a good idea to move the “deer stand” next to his fort platform and make a bridge from one to the other. He wasn’t too sure about crossing it but Catfish enjoyed it!!



February 5th

We took Adam out for a nature scavenger hunt today!! His siblings were working so they missed out this time! The rule was, whoever found the most items on the list would get a snack of their choice! It wasn’t easy to track down most of the stuff on the list since it is still winter but we had fun and identified rocks, trees, plants, insects and birds as we took pics of our finds! Youth and agility won and he was quite happy with his winnings!! I really enjoy spending some quality time with my baby boy, all too often he gets lost in the shuffle of his siblings and their lives. I need him to know he is my heart and always makes me smile because he is so kind hearted.



February 6th

The older kids wanted in on the fun we had with the nature scavenger hunt yesterday and since they were both off work today we headed off to a new hiking trail they made behind our local zoo!! Of course, it was a “friendly” sibling competition that ended in a tie so we took them all out to McDonald’s to celebrate!! It is super special and rare these days to have all my kiddos here at once. Today was a great day!


February 7th

I had our daughter write down and research several things she was interested in learning about for possible future careers. One thing on her list was baking. Mostly she wants to decorate cakes but we decided baking a batch of cookies “from scratch” would be a good starting point because she wanted to give some to our friends who are moving out of state in a couple weeks. She did good, she only needed a little coaching on precise measuring. We will be trying out different career ideas over the next few weeks to see which she likes the most so we can focus on those things for her “electives.”


Adam spent time mastering his bridge and actually turning it into a drawbridge with a pulley!He decided to walk across it… it held up! Good job kiddo! He LOVES building and engineering stuff and I love seeing his latest inventions!


February 8th

I pulled some old tubs of papers out of the shed and stumbled upon my childhood stuff my mom gave me a while back! So many amazing memories! My first baptism certificate, my C.N.A. certificate, old report cards, newspaper clippings, notes from teachers, notes from me to my sister, valentines cards from friends, and awards with the scratch-n-sniff stickers still on and YES they still smelled good!!! Props to my mom for saving all these things for me!! I didn’t care back then but I do now!



February 17th

My mom’s birthday is the 20th but we had a small party for her today! Adam made her origami bouquet of flowers,, we ate Mexican spaghetti, and played games and thankfully her 6-pack of grandkids could all get off work and be there! I love making my mommy happy!



February 17th

We bought Anna some Henna ink that she had been wanting to try. Henna ink is made from a plant and stains the skin to make a temporary tattoo! It can last up to about three weeks. These are her first works of body art! She is thrilled! The brown is with the ink paste on drying, the orange is what it looks like when it is finished!


February 20th

We had another blessed moment of all three kids being off work so we headed out to Golden Corral and then the theater to watch The Great Wall! It was a really good movie! Loving having my kids around when we get the chances! Seems like old times, and that makes my heart smile!


February 22nd

Hubby and I are trying to get back into exercising although it is not exactly consistent we do enjoy a beautiful day of picnicking, biking, and swinging with the two younger kiddos at the state park!


February 23rd

It’s been about a year since we biked (before yesterday) and I’m pretty proud we made our old 3-mile trek with plenty of hills without wimping out!! We use the “map my fitness” app to record our trips which are super handy to know how far, what kind of terrain we are on, how many calories burned, and it even makes a route map! We took a quick break and Adam made a few adjustments on his dad’s bike. My two older kids weren’t feeling like biking so they walked along the lake shore a little while waiting on us. Feeling happy to be back exercising!



February 26th

We spent the evening biking at our local state park with our boys! (daughter had to work) We rode another 3 miles without as many hills so it was a better gradual cardio and less damaging on our out of shape joints! It was so nice out, cool spring like weather and so peaceful with hardly anyone at the park that late in the evening!



Seems like lately, all I do is transport kids to jobs! Our daughter had to work again today so she missed out on biking at the park but she got her workout putting out stock! Anna has been working at the local grocery store for about two months now. I’m so proud of her and what a hard worker she is! She is really handling her job well and showing great maturity! My favorite part of the day is when she comes home and tells us the “story” of her day! We keep telling her she should be on YouTube because she is hilarious!




February 28th

Biking again! This time with all of us on new bikes!!! Thankfully our daughter was not working and was able to join us. We rode out on the pier which was fun, riding back up the ramp… not so much!


I love my little family so much, looking back over the month I see that we enjoy moments in time. Life may not always give you the perfect situations and some days may feel impossible to deal with but these days, the ones I record, are the ones that make me smile, make me laugh, and make me remember there are always good days!!


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Love and Blessings,


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