January 2018

And so we begin a new year, full of hope and possibilities. I only pray it be a year of miracles, blessings, joy, and love.

New Phototastic Collage1


January 1st

I am so very thankful for this young lady that has become my daughters best friend. She has truly been a great blessing for Anna. Every girl needs a bestie at that age, someone to shop with, talk to, discuss boys with, rant about co-workers (and parents) to, and someone that you can laugh with or just be quiet and listen to music and ride around with.  I am very glad any time these two get to spend time together.


January 7th

We decided to take a little road trip to Beaumont. I wanted to check out the craft shops and we always like the bookstores and pet shops and ate at our favorite restaurant, The Brazos Cattle Co. We were blessed to have all the kids with us and everyone got along very well and laughed and talked and just had a very pleasant day.



January 11th

Anna and her Bestie went riding around and ended up getting stuck. The last thing I told her was. “It rained so the roads are muddy, don’t go down any dirt roads.” Of course, she did and got stuck. She was determined to not call me for help (since she disobeyed) but thankfully in a small town, there is always a guy with a truck bound to come by. Sadly, he couldn’t pull her out but was kind enough to go talk to the skitter driver up the road and he pulled her out. She had a blast with her first “mudden’” experience and was pretty proud of herself that she didn’t have to call mom. I wasn’t mad, I am glad it all turned out well. These kids have to live a little and learn small lessons so they can “adult” in the near future.



January 15th

Anna decided her rambunctious Bassett, Buddy, needed to learn to ride in her truck. She spent a few days “training” him. He is just happy to hang out with his favorite girl.



January 18th

I enjoyed my afternoon wrestling with our donkey, Rowdy, and transporting Catnip around on my shoulder. She apparently thinks I am a pirate and she is a parrot. I always feel better just hanging out in the barnyard with my fur-babies. Some barnyard therapy.



January 22nd

I asked hubby to extend my painting desk space so I could organize my art supplies better. I haven’t been able to paint as much as I would have liked but I have played around with a few things just learning techniques and such.


New Phototastic Collage

The plan was for all of us to go out in nature and attempt to paint something. I thought it would be just nice to get outside and do something since we have been stuck inside a lot due to the cold weather. But it was still too cold to try to sit and paint but we did get out and walk around Boykin Springs a little and that is always nice!

New Phototastic Collage


We don’t do as much together as a family as we did when they were young and it does make me sad as they grow up they have their own lives and spend more time with friends or at work than they do with us. While I know it is all part of the process, I don’t like it much. I do try to appreciate the times we get together (and get along) more now because it is such a rare occasion. Feeling a little emptying nest blue…


Peace, love, joy, and blessings,

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Becky is a Hebraic Christian homeschool mom blogger that lives on a small farm in Deep East Texas. When she isn't homeschooling her kids, she is busy documenting her family's life on her blog. In her blog, she writes about her faith, family, homeschooling, and homesteading. She also shares the family's abundance of hobbies such as geocaching, hiking, biking, birding, nature photography, and most recently her art! She is always eager to answer any questions others may have so feel free to leave comments and inquiries!

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