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Sparkler Safety

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So you have little ones who love sparklers but hate getting the sparks on their hands??

And you have heard the stories of the plastic cups catching on fire??


With very little effort (and a solo cup & tin foil) you will have your kiddos enjoying drawing their names with the sparkler light once again!

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My 38th Birthday

My 38th Birthday
October 12-13, 2012

Once again my birthday rolled around and once again I found myself in a funk. I was not at all looking forward to creeping one more year closer to that “40” mark. At “30” I had a panic attack because I had it set in my head by thirty years of age I should be mature, responsible, and have most of life figured out ~HA!~ So now getting closer to 40 what was I suppose to have “figure out?”

My amazing hubby knew I had been wanting an iPad and was debating between it and a handgun. The handgun would have been practical and probably a better investment than “Another” electronic doo-dad to play with, but hey, I am only in my 30’s, do I have to actually be “Practical” yet? Needless to say…


…I am a proud owner of the “New” iPad (a few days prior to my actual birthday), complete with awesome keyboard case. Do I feel guilty? Yeah, a little bit but I remind myself how much it may help in homeschooling and I get over it.

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Hanukkah 2011

Hanukkah 2011

December 20-28, 2011

I believe this year Hanukkah spoke to me in a different way than ever before. This year I felt connected to the holiday by the similarity of circumstance.  Back in the time of Judah Maccabee, they lived in a country that did not worship YHWH (the God of Israel) in spirit and in truth. Many assimilated to the beliefs of the people with which they lived, even though the many times the word of YHWH says specifically not to do such.  However, there were a few brave souls who did not just “go with the flow” and go along with the crowd. They stood strong in their beliefs of following YHWH’s “instructions to live by”, called the Torah. The would NOT defile themselves with the worldly pagan things. They suffered persecution and ridicule and even death for standing strong against the oppression of the enemy, but they did not back down. I felt the strength of the story of Hanukkah for the first time this year. I too have been bashed for my beliefs to follow Torah, nowhere near to the extent of the Jewish people but enough to understand that if you walk (or attempt to walk) a path to righteousness, expect to be fought by the enemy. The story of Hanukkah inspired me to stand strong in the face of opposition.

Last year, Hanukkah was more of a “fun-filled week” but this year I just felt differently about it so we studied more and played less. I try my best to just follow where the Holy Spirit leads me but I have a tendency to try to plan everything too, which usually gets a divine “rewrite” before the day is over. That is just how HE works sometimes.

Each year I decorate with blue, silver, and white because it reminds me of winter. I love it because in Texas we rarely get any snow or any real “feel” of winter so the best I can do is recreate the “feel” inside my home by the decor.

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We did do a few fun things like bake cookies. I borrowed this “tradition” from my childhood holidays. We love making and decorating (not to mention eating) these cookies!

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

November 24, 2011

So Thanksgiving “prep” had started and Pinterest was booming in our household, so of course we had to try out some of the cute food crafts we saw in the site.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Treats was first on the list!


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Slipping and a sliding

Slipping and a Sliding

May 7, 2011

We went to a birthday party and the kids played on a slip and slid. They had a blast!


Adam went at it 100% all boy but Anna wanted to be a little timid and tried to be more graceful.

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