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December 31, 2014 – New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2014 – New Year’s Eve

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I was busy the last few days blogging and planning a New Years Party for my family but my nephew and his sweet baby boy came in from out of town so I changed our plans and went to my sisters for their party!


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New Years Eve Party For the Family

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New Years Eve Party For the Family

New Years


New Years Eve has never been a big celebration in my family. Even as a child, I remember one year I wanted to make it a big deal and cut out cheese slices in the shape of numbers and put them on crackers I thought that was awesome, granted I was four. Sometimes we had a few small fireworks but most the time not really much happened as the years ticked on by. Once we had kids, we did a little better and tried to have fireworks (money and weather permitting) or maybe go to a “watch night service” at church or stay up late watching a movie then pray the New Year but nothing I would consider a big celebration.  As I see my kids growing older, I realize that I am losing precious time to make memories and traditions with them so I am stepping up my “game.”

This year we are wanting to have our first “count down party”. We are doing this with just us and our tween-teen children (so it is older kid focused) but you can easily add more people to the party!

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