Old Aldridge Mill Site

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Old Aldridge Mill Site

February 26, 2011

The name Old Aldridge has been a name that was basically synonymous with the idea of Halloween, haunted houses, and satanic rituals here in Zavalla. I am pretty sure most of it is just ghost stories but I am sure some evil has been done down in the old remains of the saw mill. Whatever the case is, the idea of it all has kept me far from it all my thirty years of living in the small town of Zavalla. That is until today.

We had just finished our Scripture Scavenger Hunt Hike and decided to go have a look at Old Aldridge.


As we walked up to the old mill the huge structures loomed in the distance, visually living up to the idea of ghost town.


Demonic graffiti littered the towering walls.


Trees grew in what used to be the floor of the building giving it almost a court yard appearance.


In another building, many of the walls had been busted out. From what I understand, to remove machinery that was in side the building when the mill closed down. All these window were about four feet off the ground so Adam decided that the only way his Grammy would be able to get out of the building without going back the way they came was to crawl through a small two foot opening that was ground level. My mom is pretty spry for her age and gracefully descended out of one of the windows, much to Adam’s disappointment, I believe he would have enjoyed seeing his Grammy crawling out on hands and knees like he did.


The third building still had a roof intact and was extremely dark. As soon as you walk up to the door you can feel to coldness coming from this room. All playing in with the spookiness that so many have labeled this place with. I can see Adam through the small hole in the back of the building.


Using the camera flash this time we can see more demonic graffiti has been disgracefully applied to the walls.


Past the buildings were remains of a wall and concrete pier looking things with bolts attached to the top. Apparently some machinery was fastened to them.


My mom had worked for the forestry service and knew some of the history of the place and acted as our tour guide.


Now that I have visited the place, my wariness of it is greatly diminished. It is just a interesting piece of History that I foolishly avoided due to silly stories people made up so they can have the thrill of being scared.

Before leaving, I yelled a hardy “IN THE NAME OF JESUS!” into the dark cold building, which of course impressed my children. My nephew ‘B’ laughed and said “Aunt Becky, you should have seen all those things flying out of the back of that building.” We all have a good laugh and Adam goes about rebuking demons from every other building, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”

Mark 16:17  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; …

To learn about the history of Old Aldridge click the hyperlinks attached at the beginning of the blog.



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  1. Have been there many times myself & taken a lot of pictures over the years. I had a female friend of mine (plus a friend of her’s) check out a lot of those pictures because I wanted to know if there was really anything legitimate in the graffiti on those walls. She used to be heavily into organized witchcraft/occult stuff, but thanks to God is no more. There was and is some there, but nothing very blatant. A lot of it appears to be lame attempts (in my uneducated opinion only) at trying to be spooky with the artwork, or expressing emotional pain in some places, or just wanting to be destructive to property in general. But, there are legitimate witchcraft and voodoo imagery there used in at least 2 or 3 types of occult practice, it’s just not super-obvious. The forestry service has tended to zero in on removing the spell-casting artwork primarily from what I’ve observed in recent years. Based on the types of spells and junk being used there, it seems to me that there are some very vengeful people who visit the mill on occasion. One particular spell that was described to me from viewing the pictures I took was on the back of the building where they blasted the hole many decades ago to remove the boiler machinery. Without describing the actual image, it was explained to me that that the picture was typically only used to prescribe physical death on someone attempting to leave a witchcraft (or, wiccan) coven. So, when I considered that, I presumed that some rather vengeance-oriented folks do in fact visit there, to say the least. As for how dangerous they might be in person, who knows? Other types of wiccan spells specifically pinpointed for me in my pictures included the intent to imbue the practitioners with great power, though I’m not entirely sure to what end. That one is almost completely unviewable as of 2011. It was quickly targeted by the forestry service for removal over the last 4 or 5 years. I assume folks there know their occult symbols quite well given the targeting. Anyhow, needless to say, I had a lot of information given to me from my girlfriend, and a friend of hers. My girlfriend’s friend, unfortunately, still practices those things with great fervor, including teleportation, levitation, etc etc., and the list goes on. The picture you have posted above showing the inside of the back building (the one with the two entrance/exit holes) does show a “tree of gifts” and “book of shadows,” both of which are used when teaching others in relation to witchcraft. The “tree of gifts” is located on the left of the hole and the “book of shadows” on the right side. The skull over the hole was pointed out to me as being a specific type of voodoo image, which means that voodoo has likely been practiced there, too. Anyhow, I’m not meaning to get quite so in depth with specific descriptions, but there are occult images posted around there. I have sensed things there when I’ve visited, and at other times have sensed nothing at all. I don’t know if demons per-se inhabit physical places exactly (just a question I’ve had for many years), since the Bible usually presents them inhabiting either animals of people, but because demons are fallen angels, I wouldn’t put it past them. They’re certainly more than capable of that. Anyhow, just thought I’d share some of my personal info gleaned from one who used to practice occult stuff and from another who, unfortunately, still does.

    • “animals of people” was a type-o; it should have said, “animals or people” – sorry about that

      • Wow thanks for the info.. I am not familiar with symbols at all. To me it just looked like stuff stupid kids did to deface a historical site but I have heard some bad stories so I do not doubt it being some kind of ritual taking place there. I don’t think I will ever go back there especially now that I know what the graffiti means.
        I think that spirits inhabit areas and places not necessarily objects but I have “felt” presences in areas before and no one is around. I can’t honestly say I did or didn’t feel anything that day because just the idea I already had in my head could have been creeping me out. I guess it wasn’t as freaky as I had visioned up in my head so I felt better about it that day… not so much anymore LOL… thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!

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