Fishing Fun

Fishing Fun

August 21, 2011

We had such a good time fishing a couple weeks ago we had to do it again. This time we invited Matt to come along! We went back to the spot where the fishing were biting so good last time in hopes to have the same outcome.


Of course right off the bat Stewart catches the first little perch. He gets as excited as the kids do!


Adam was right behind him pulling in this little guy!


“Hi, my name is Fred!” Adam says, speaking for the fish!


Austin is really not impressed with perch fishing (I think he thinks it is for little kids)… so after snagging this one he upgraded to bass fishing of course he didn’t catch any so maybe Mr. Smarty should have stuck to perch!



Anna happily displays her catch!


Poor Matt was not having any luck catching fish. I felt bad for him. If I invite a guest to go do something I want them to have the best time! We picked on him about just feeding the fish because the little things would steal his bait and not get on that hook! He said that the fish was now him arch nemesis and he HAD to catch him! After trying a bit longer we talked him into trying a different fishing peer because “ all the fish here have sore mouths now and won’t bite!” as Stewart says.


As we drove to a different spot we saw this little bunny nibbling grass along the roadside. He didn’t bolt away when we stopped right beside him for a picture.


A few feet away was another rabbit. I know this drought is hard on the little guys, all they have to eat is crunchy dry grass.


We get to a different peer and I sit at the picnic table and try to find something to take pictures of while they fished. A tufted titmouse lit in a branch above me so I could take his picture! After attempting to fish this peer a bit without getting any bites for Matt we decide again to move this time to the other side of the park across the road.


On our way to the other side, a doe walks out of the hiking trail area and down the side of the road. It was a nice little surprise to see one out walking around without worries of hunters shooting at them… yet. It is not too much longer before hunting season starts. I personally would rather shoot with a camera than with a gun but if we had to eat I sure would hunt.


When we arrived at the other fishing peer we saw that it was engulfed with lily pads. Stewart  says “Bird!” to me and I spot this Little Blue Heron setting on the peer railing. After clicking a couple shots…


I saw this Great Blue Heron take off from the other side of the peer. Stewart says, “That was the one I meant, the big one!” Of course I totally missed my shot, bummer!


I love taking pictures of dragonflies, they are so delicate but mighty mosquito hunters!


This Great Egret was fishing out in the lily pads along side his smaller fishing buddy.


I thought this lily pad was neat with the water seeping onto the top.



Nature photos aside, this was the place for Matt to finally catch his first (with us) fish! He was happy!


Anna, being a control freak like her mom, decided she needed to take the fish off Matt’s hook! I thought this was so funny because “normally” girls are all squeamish and won’t touch a slimy fish! Not my girl, she jumps right in and takes care of it and even re-baits his hook!

Matt having a great imagination goes into a story about how this fish was named “Jeffery” and it was his brother, “Jimmy”, that was his arch nemesis at the other peer. So the second fish Matt caught was the elusive “Jimmy” and Matt finally had his revenge! I love kids that have awesome imaginations because they are so fun to be around!


Even though it took a little while to catch a fish with us I believe Matt did have fun. Happy kiddos all around!

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