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Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

November 24, 2011

So Thanksgiving “prep” had started and Pinterest was booming in our household, so of course we had to try out some of the cute food crafts we saw in the site.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Treats was first on the list!


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Blackforest Fall Hike

Blackforest Fall Hike

November 20, 2011


Thankful for fall to have arrived bringing with it cooler weather, we wanted to get outdoors as much as we could, so we find ourselves once again at Blackforest. As soon as we got out of the Tahoe I spot some loons floating on the water, some diving for their dinner.




I hear Stewart shout, “Hey, y’all check out this big bird, I think it is an eagle!”

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Veteran’s Day Outing 2011

Veteran’s Day Outing 2011

November 12, 2011
Stewart was off work for a federal holiday we decided to go hiking and sight seeing over in Louisiana for something different. I looked up “Fort Jesup” and thought… Veteran’s Day…Fort… cool! We planned to stop by North Toledo Bend State Park on the way. As we were driving, we stumbled upon a Veterans Memorial Park which seemed out in the middle of no where, of course we stopped.



Stewart and I read the names on the monument while the kids checked out the tank and chopper.

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Three Way Birthday Party

Three Way Birthday Party

October 29, 2011


I learned that with having all my children in the fall within two weeks of each other it is just easier to have the family birthday party all together. We don’t go “all out” like we used to on their party, just a simple cake and gifts with family. We do take them and do something special for them on their actual birthday but for the family to come over we one have one simple party. We usually just serve hotdogs and nachos so that it is quick and easy and a homemade cake. My cakes may not be as pretty as the store bought ones, but I promise they taste better!




Adam has been so excited all week about the party!

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Silly Times in Science

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Silly Times in Science
October 20, 2011

Sometimes when I read lessons to the kids I make up funny voices… today I was a drill sergeant…

We are studying the bones in our Health/Science book “The Young Explorers Series Exploring Creation with the Human Body and Physiology”.

I shouted the question, ” What is the difference between the first seven ribs and the last five ribs, RODENTS!”


(I was calling them maggots but “Corporal”Austin reminded me that the maggot is an invertebrate so the lesson would not apply, so I changed it to rodents)…

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