Cache a Zoo


Cache a Zoo

January 8, 2012


I was looking around on the map for some place to go geocaching and I spotted that the local zoo had a handful of them placed strategically around it’s property. The kids always love going to the zoo so it was a double blessing to have caches there. I was somewhat worried that maybe it would be hard to hunt them without being noticed with so many people around but I was ready with my geocaching pamphlet in hand if questioned.



Group pics are a must where ever we go… well most of the group. We parents are not to keen on being in the pictures.



After hunting high and low Anna (a.k.a. (((annabelle))) her geo-name) found our very first nano cache. It is a tiny magnetic do-dad that has a tiny strip of paper in it to log your name. She was quite pleased with herself!

Forgetful me forgot to take the picture of (((treehugger))) Austin’s find along the bridge way but He was the one to claim that find.


There are many rumors as to what this horseshoe shaped area out here on the trail behind the zoo is for but my best guess it was a gathering place for schools and other groups to come out, sit, and listen to their teachers talk about the great outdoors. Whatever it is the children always have to walk it when we come.



We hike along the trail, joking and talking and enjoying being out here in God’s beautiful creation.



Anna finds a pretty leaf all burgundy and tipped with red.



We zero in on another cache and the kids dive into the underbrush. I am thankful it is January and the risk for snakes are low. Anna found the cache!!



Adam, (((adambomb)), was proud to be the next to find a cache as we finished the trail and made our way back to the zoo passing by a couple with their dogs who I am inclined to think we also geocachers but I did not stop to ask.



Back at the zoo grounds, playing on the equipment is an absolute must. Anna screams as she slides down the slide, engrossed in their own games and imagination. While they were busy playing, Stewart and I slip off a 100 feet away to the roadway where another cache was hidden and he makes the find, I sign the log, and we go back to where the kids are playing without being missed. Austin was the only one to notice we snuck off! The only way we get to hunt and find caches on some days is if we distract the kids so we can!



Swinging is not just for kids!! I have to wonder what they were all looking at in this picture.



As we sat watching the kids play for a while longer, I heard an eagle crying across the lake. It was so wonderful to see our great national bird at the zoo and NOT in captivity. It would call and the eagle in the zoo would respond. It was inspiring and yet sad to watch the free raptor calling out to it’s captive “brother.”



This was the first time we had been to the zoo since they made it possible for us to board the train! I love interactive history! I made quick work of the cache that was placed here while everyone was not paying me much attention.



Adam plays engineer.



I have to be quick to catch Austin in a picture. He is not fond of getting in many of them.



I found it interesting that the most beautiful peacock in the zoo was shunned by it’s own kind. This poor guy was not having any luck attracting the ladies with his awesome display but we humans were mesmerized by it.



The jaguar was in a silly mood today! She would run and jump and climb the small tree in her enclosure, being very playful.



Austin picked up a nearby limb and held it toward her to see her reaction.



Anna had to as well. The jaguar would nibble at it playfully and swat at it with her paws. Much like our cats at home do. It was really neat to interact with her rather than just look at her.



The tiger was not as playful. He would glare at me and when I would imitate his grumble he would growl and grumble back at me.



The bobcat was not much better. We stood there staring at him and you could hear his low growl and his ears lay back as if he thought we were threatening to him. He seems the most worried about my husband.



The poor captive eagle still calling to his free brother outside. I think it is sad that our nations proud symbol has the worst pen in the area. It is littered with limb, leaves, and feathers and is not very big at all. I do hope they plan to renovate his enclosure soon now that they are done with the other renovations!
He also seemed intimidated by my husband. We decided maybe he appeared much like a bear in his big black shirt with his goat-tee apparently worrying the animals.



We can’t take a trip to the zoo without taking a train ride!



Since I had forgotten to get Austin’s picture with his geocache find at the bridge earlier I made him pose for a quick shot before we went to leave. I thought this pic turned out rather nice for it being an afterthought!



There was one last cache to find as we were leaving the zoo but with cars passing by we ended up just acting like we were posing for pictures because we could not locate this cache… maybe next time!

We had a wonderful day caching at the zoo!!



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