January 14, 2012


Ever since we had started geocaching we had yet to go with out the kids. This time we made a date of it. The kids had stayed the night with my sister and so we took advantage of some alone time to actually get to geocache and be the ones to find the caches. Normally, I guess we are too old and slow to make it to the caches before the children!



The first cache on our list was one called the Catahoula Boulders.

We drove to the best location we thought we could hike in from and started our trek. The start of the trairel was an old road but soon we had to get off the beaten path and take to the forest. The forest was not one that had been burned any time recently. The pine straw and leaves blanketed the forest floor like a super plush shag carpet. It was almost like walking in beach sand, hard on the legs.



We finally arrived at the boulders and in no time I had the cache in hand!



It was really neat to see these huge boulders hidden out in the big middle of the East Texas Piney Woods but there they were. We took it all in.



Next on our agenda was Boutin Lake. The small lake is always pretty and usually secluded.




This cache brought us to what we found out to be called “Little Boutin”, a small pond just a little drive down a “pig trail” from the regular Boutin Lake Camp Area. If we came camping here, this is where we would want to be. It would be basically a private little lake all to our selves.



We was not sure where to look for the cache. We try to go on instinct a lot. Stewart thought the best place would be in this big cypress stump but no. It is probably surrounded by water when we have normal rains.



The next one required us to go on a nice little hike on a trail that was not maintained in a long time. Old bridges were along the way, most were broken and falling apart.



We walked for a good while and came this close to the river. We headed off the trail at this point to go toward GZ (ground zero) of the cache. We looked and looked hating to have hiked this far and not get a smiley face for the find.  We sadly had to take a frowny on this one and then “cross country-ed” it back toward the car.



We stopped along the way to look for one more but only found the string it used to be on. I replaced it with a temporary cache (found out later that was a no-no) and headed back home.


It was nice to just spend time with my husband enjoying a hobby we like with out having to worry about the kids getting hurt out in the woods but I did miss seeing their faces light up at the “find” and watching them as they discover every new thing there is to find in a forest.


“Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.”~Ron Wild




About Becky Husband

Becky is a Hebraic Christian homeschool mom blogger that lives on a small farm in Deep East Texas. When she isn't homeschooling her kids, she is busy documenting her family's life on her blog. In her blog, she writes about her faith, family, homeschooling, and homesteading. She also shares the family's abundance of hobbies such as geocaching, hiking, biking, birding, nature photography, and most recently her art! She is always eager to answer any questions others may have so feel free to leave comments and inquiries!

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