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Torah Portion – B’reisheet “In the beginning”

B’reisheet | בראשית | “In the beginning ”


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My 38th Birthday

My 38th Birthday
October 12-13, 2012

Once again my birthday rolled around and once again I found myself in a funk. I was not at all looking forward to creeping one more year closer to that “40” mark. At “30” I had a panic attack because I had it set in my head by thirty years of age I should be mature, responsible, and have most of life figured out ~HA!~ So now getting closer to 40 what was I suppose to have “figure out?”

My amazing hubby knew I had been wanting an iPad and was debating between it and a handgun. The handgun would have been practical and probably a better investment than “Another” electronic doo-dad to play with, but hey, I am only in my 30’s, do I have to actually be “Practical” yet? Needless to say…


…I am a proud owner of the “New” iPad (a few days prior to my actual birthday), complete with awesome keyboard case. Do I feel guilty? Yeah, a little bit but I remind myself how much it may help in homeschooling and I get over it.

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To My Twin Brother

To My Twin Brother
October 12th, 2012

At 8:42 A.M. October 12, 1974 at the Shelby Co. General Hospital in Center, Texas, I was born. A few minutes ahead of my arrival, my twin brother was born… stillborn. My mother and I was still in the hospital when my twin was laid to rest in Dickerson Cemetery at 2:00 P.M. on October 13, 1974; I was one day old.


A cousin carried his tiny casket to the grave site with my dad, granny, sisters and a few others following behind.

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Dinosaurs of Creation – 4000 B.C.

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Dinosaurs of Creation – 4000 B.C.

Learn: The dinosaurs of the sea:


 ~When reading scripture be sure and read all around the listed scripture to gain the full context of the scripture~
Read and Listen: Genesis 1:20-1:25
read Names of God edition
or listen King James Version

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In the Beginning – 4000 B.C.

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In the Beginning – 4000 B.C.


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