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H.E.A.R.T.S. Veteran Museum of Texas

I was raised by a dad who had served in the Army in the Korean war, naturally I have a real respect for the military, so each Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day I always try to do something with the kids that is military related.  I want something to help the kids know that these military holidays have merit and meaning, that they are not a day set aside to barbeque or go shopping at the latest “Veteran’s Day Sale,” like the media portrays them to be. These days were set aside to honor those who were willing to “give all” for the sake of other human beings’ rights and freedoms. It is important to me that my children know that the freedoms  and the lifestyle they have, should not be taken for granted because many have fought and died for those freedoms and many countries that our military serve in do not have the same freedoms. It is crucial we teach the next generation the importance of the military and we should honor and respect each and everyone of our men and women who have served.

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This year we decided to drive two hours to nearby Huntsville TX and visit the Veteran’s Museum.

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Torah Portion – Vayera “He appeared”

Vayera | וירא | “He appeared “

The above links take you to Bible Gateway, feel free to change Bible Version to your preference or to listen to the audio!


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“God Will Provide” Ram Craft

“God Will Provide” Ram Craft

Great for Torah Portion “Vayera”…. scripture Genesis 22:8, The Abraham offers Isaac lesson!!

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