Torah Portion – Vayishlach "He sent "

Vayishlach | וישלח | “He sent”



Becky’s Thoughts (2014)

The name Jacob represented Jacob’s life before encountering God, his old nature. The name Israel represented Jacob’s life after encountering God. It represented his new nature and new destiny.

I was reading the Torah Portion and Commentary from and the excerpt above really clicked with me.

At some point in my life I found out that my name Becky meant “bound.” It’s funny, because I have always felt “bound,” as in restrained or held back, never really “free.” For years this really bothered me because I was so sick of feeling exactly that, bound. A few months ago I was talking with my nephew whose name is Jonathan. We were discussing that his name means “Gift of God.” I told him what my name meant, expressing how much I disliked it, then I thought, “Hmmm, but wait, my middle name (Jean) is a derivative of Jonathan, that means my middle name means “gift of God” too!” This was an exciting concept for me! I went from someone who was held back by ties that bind me, to a “Bow tied Gift of God.”  I have hated my middle name my whole life but now it was that very name that gave me meaning. Maybe God kept this revelation from me all these years for such a time as this.

From age 13, I was in and out of church. It has been within the last ten years I discovered Hebrew Roots of my faith and the last five years that I became serious about them living out. Maybe it is the dawn of a new time in my life where I can quit wrestling with God and He blessed me by giving my name meaning! Maybe He wanted to show me I was born, “bound” (destined) to be a “Gift of God” This means so much to a girl who knew she was not a planned pregnancy and who doubted her worth all her life. I always felt it would have been better that my brother had lived and I had been the one still born. Maybe God is telling me He knew me from my mothers womb and now He has given me a new nature and revealed my name’s meaning to me because it was time to get busy exploring my new destiny of being a gift of God to those He has given me to reach.
He has set me free, loosed the chains of my past and instead “bound” me to be His gift!! He has given me a “new“ name and a new purpose! Oh Happy Daze!!!

Humbly searching,


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