My First Mammogram Experience

I rubbed Frankincense EO mixed in an“naked salve on my breasts for a month after my initial mammo, for some reason it made my breasts ache. I pray it was doing something positive but the aching got to much for me so I stopped applying the frankincense. Now, almost 7 months later, I go to get my follow up ultrasound (yes, I am very nervous)… I wasn’t really worried about it because I had no ta-ta issues all this time… until this last month. I am not sure if I am stressing myself into pain or if there is pain for a reason but now my ta-tas are a bit painful. Not constant, but off and on. Honestly, I was planning on blowing off my appointment until they started hurting again the last few weeks. I pray it is just in my head but what ever the out come, I will post my results…

Today is a very dreary rainy East Texas day and I spent most of the day running between hospital imagining to the doctor and back (but some of that was my hubby having appointments too.) Good news is…. nothing has changed. Cysts are the same number & size they were 7 months ago. I am happy, that is a good thing, though I would have preferred that the doctor would have been wondering why the cysts disappeared and I could have said Frankincense EO!! LOL But with me giving up after a month I am not sure if the Frankincense just doesn’t help, or I didn’t give it time to help. I need to do more research on it!
I have to be back in 6 months for my third check up to make sure all remained the same (I have to keep getting check ups for two years). Thank you all for your prayers!! I felt peace going in and the ultrasound was much better this go around, the last one I thought I was being impaled!! Back with an update in August 2015!

UPDATE: September 2015
Mammo & Ultrasound check up… all is the same 😀 One more check up before I get the “All Clear” and then just my yearly mammo from then on.

I do have to tell about the other lady in the waiting room though…
As I set in the waiting room between getting the mammo and the ultrasound there was two other ladies in the room. One lady looked like she was very nervous and was really wishing to be alone. She stood facing the wall looking at a picture for the longest time. Finally she sat and did her best to ignore me and the other lady (who was Spanish). The Spanish lady smiled kindly at me and I smiled back, I assumed she didn’t know much English because the mammo tech spoke to her in Spanish and she spoke to me in one word phrases saying, “Cold!” as she rubbed her arms because it was pretty chilly in there. The other lady continued to stay to herself. The tech walked by and said to me, “You’re still here?” I smiled, and said “Yeah…” Then I mentioned, to no one really that it usually doesn’t take this long. The lady who was staying to herself looked at me for the first time and said, “You have done this before?” I told her this was my third go around. She was listening then, so I went on and explained to her my situation, that I had a couple complex cysts and a simple one and what the differences were. I explained to her that it really isn’t a big deal, that as long as the cycts don’t change it was no biggy. Come to find out her dad had died of cancer recently so she was terrified having found a lump. She said one of her lymph nodes was swollen and she was worried that it was cancer. I told her that is what I went in originally for but the node turned out to be nothing at all but they did find the cysts that we were keeping an eye on but really I didn’t feel I had anything to worry about. I think telling my story, and talking to her about her story helped calm her and help her have peace for the moment. I felt good knowing that just sharing what I had been through may have helped someone else. It helped me remember why I want to blog. I wished her the best and went on my way to the ultrasound room. I pray she had as good report as I did! Never feel shy to share your heart to another person who may need your kindness to help them through their trials.

Oh Happy Daze

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My First Mammogram Experience

I am not exactly one to go to the doctor for.. well, anything… but when you find that mysterious lump on the “girls” you don’t mess around with that stuff, so off to the doc I went. My doctor checked it out and scheduled me to get an ultrasound. Why not schedule a mammo? Well because it was more under my armpit area instead of where the “vice” couldn’t be clamped down so doc opted for a ultrasound. I thought, “Hey those were cool when I was pregnant, so sure why not!”


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