Happy Daze of March 2017


It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens Great Expectations


March 3rd

Adam has been busy thin month learning all about RC cars and such. He decided it was time that he upgraded his remote control car. He was tired of the batteries running out so fast and it was not able to recharge so he took it all apart, found one of his old battery packs from a bigger broken RC car, made sure the voltage would be compatible, found out where the negative/positive connections were on the “motherboard,” threw away the old battery compartment, wired the much larger rechargeable battery to the chassy, put it all back together in the body of the car. Now he has an RC car that is stronger, faster, & rechargeable. I love watching him work all this stuff out in his head!! His big sister was doubting him but I knew he had this figured out!!

2017-03-05 (1)


March 9th

Anna has been working a lot lately. So much that she has barely any time at home to just relax. We had to play catch up with all her courses on her days off. You can tell she is missing idle time to draw since I found a lovely dream catcher on her English paper. “Follow your dreams” indeed baby girl!! She finished school work for the day, got caught up on chores, sat down on the porch with me to relax for a minute and got called into work early. She is a trooper though, she is more reliable and responsible than a lot of the “adults” she works with! She is busy…handling her life!

2017-03-09 (1)


March 11th

It is Purim!! (Info on Purim HERE) Here is Adam busy getting his costume ready for the party, putting on the last few finishing touches! He made a sledge hammer out of a box painted with textured paint fastened with rope on an old shovel handle decorated with a menorah! He is going as Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee!!

2017-03-11 purim (38)

Our 2017 Purim Party!! We all dressed up as Biblical or Religious characters and play “Guess Who” by giving hints or reading scripture! In order we have… Judah Maccabee(youngest son Adam), Jael (my mom) in the pic with Anna the prophetess (my sister Brenda), Jesse (my bro-in-law David), a wild Nebuchadnezzar (my eldest son Austin), The Travailing Woman of Revelations 12(me), The Shadow of the Almighty (daughter Anna), and Dry Bones (my hubby Stewart)!! And of course, my awesome sister, bro-in-law, and nephew made yummy Hamantaschen!!! Family, food, & fun!!! Happy Purim!!!

2017-03-11 purim (37)

Austin wrote a poem to go along with his costume (which was “best in show”) by the end of the poem he threw off his “wild man” clothes, hair, nails and wore a crown showing restoration of the kingdom back to Nebuchadnezzar!

“Look at Me Now”

Look at me now,

An animal of wild,

So do ask me how,

I became this vile?

I praised my own name,

Forgetting the most High,

I declared my own fame,

Now I pray to die.

I had such a wealth,

Surrounded by Glory,

A kingdom of great wealth,

A truly wondrous story.

But it was all taken away,

And my pride is to blame,

Now I eat leaf and hay,

And live all but tame.

For seven years long,

I paid the price,

Now I sing a new song,

My ego I will sacrifice.

No sooner declared,

My burden was lifted,

My cross fully bared,

My crown gifted.

Now I praise the Holy One,

For all comes from Him,

From the moon to the sun,

and to the Earth’s very rim.

~Austin Husband



March 17th

Today I surprised Adam with a free online robotics class by Supercharged Science! He learned some basics about electricity, magnetism, electrical charges, robot construction, sensors, and circuits and more! Then we went to the store and bought him a few things to help with his engineering and a toolbox to put it all in!! He hasn’t even wanted to play in his Xbox lately… to much real life learning, creativity, and exploration!!!

2017-03-16 (2)


March 18th

Anna likes to try to dress up at work for the holidays. Here is here cool hat she wore to work today in honor of St Patty’s Day!!!

2017-03-17 (1)


March 21st

The first day of spring! And what better way to spend it than biking in the state park!! I love the cool crisp air, wind blowing in your face… just a beautiful day! My silly daughter started riding over the reflectors in the middle of the road going, “Whoo hoo, ramps!” Adam had to follow suit. They are nuts!



March 22nd

After working 8 days straight, Anna had a day off so she talked her brother into walking the creek by our house to do some “exploring!” They always have to investigate the big culvert that goes under the highway on their journey. They enjoyed their adventure and had good bro/sis bonding time, the only bad thing was they came upon a deer that had been hit and was in the ditch… apparently it smelled pretty bad because she texted me the nose covered selfie!!



March 23rd

Adam is still busy working on building and repairing RC vehicles. His Grammy taught him how to use a soldering iron and he has been busy using his new skill repairing his RC helicopter!


March 28th

Adam wanted his dad to have a paper airplane competition with him. So Adam looked into the science of how to make the best plane and found a video on how to fold the record-breaking design and they had their event!! It took a couple test tries but once he figured out the amount of force it took, Adam’s plane won! Not sure if we call that cheating by looking up the best design or if he is just using wisdom! Either way, a great daddy/son moment!

2017-03-28 (43)


March 29th

We had the rare blessing to have all three kiddos off work so we all went shopping together and then we treated them to McDonald’s afterward. These three sure like to cut up and be silly. Not much makes me happier than seeing my three kids smiling and laughing and having a good time. Today was a good family of five day!

2017-03-29 (7)


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