The Sixth & Seventh Week of Pre-Sleeve Surgery Diet


I hate my hair back but it is HOT in Texas! Not sure if we are looking thinner but I feel thinner and that is what counts!

I wasn’t happy about how my Sleeve Surgery blog posts were set up so I am changing it. I figured it was better and easier to keep up with if I just write when something important happens than keep a diary since honestly I barely have time to write. (Bonus of being the writer I can make executive changes) A lot has been going on in our personal life, including but not limited to my whole family had a sinus cold and I was on antibiotics for a week so dieting and exercise has taken a back burner. And that means, while we have lost some since our last weigh in, we have been on a 5 pound back and forth rollercoaster with our weight and I really want to hit that down weight mark of 30 for him and 20 for me. We just stalled right above it. Guess we will have to shape up now that we are over the cold and such.

June 14: I had my liver ultrasound, my liver enzymes were “off” so the my family doc wanted to see what was up, of course I probably won’t know the answer to that until my weight in appointment July 2nd. Likely it is due to a fatty liver but always best to get it all checked out prior to surgery so we don’t have any surprises.

June 22: We checked in on our stuff and we have a surgery date!! AUGUST 16th! Hubbly & I will be going in to surgery back to back. While it is kind of scary to both be down at the same time it is also good because we can take every step of this journey together!! Besides we have teens who can help out around the house while we are down. Now we are just waiting to find out how much our cost will be after the insurance and all.  I thought getting a date would trip me out but honestly (at the moment) I just want to get it behind us. I reserve the right to freak out about it at a later date. LOL

June 24: We both hit our next goals!!

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Check out our food & fitness diaries flip through the dates to check out everything:

Becky’s My Fitness Pal

Stewart’s My Fitness Pal

I will be honest, we are only losing weight by controlling our eating and not even eating healthy just less than we used to. We are being mindful of how much we eat and trying to stay away from sweets most the time (although I have cheated on that often.)

Stats 6/24/2018:

  • Weight:
    • Stewart:
      • Start Weight 4/29/18: 348.6
      • Current Weight 6/24/18: 315.6
      • ↓ 33 LBS
    • Becky:
      • Start Weight 4/19/18: 305
      • Current Weight 6/24/18: 283.6
      • ↓ 21.4 LBS

Till Next week…

Peace, Love, & Blessings,


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