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The Fourth Week of Pre-Sleeve Surgery Diet

Monday, May 28th, 2018

The Day’s Events:


The photo was taken 6/2/2018 I sure got cute kids!

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The Third Week of Pre-Sleeve Surgery Diet


photo take 5-21-2018

I can see a difference with the weight loss on hubby but not myself. It has been a rough week so forgive that I look awful in the picture.

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The Second Week of Pre-Sleeve Surgery Diet

Week Two:

Bloodwork was done, a meeting with the surgery coordinator, better-eating habits, more exercise and emotional rollercoasters.


I really need to take a pic every Monday to show our weight loss… next week I will start that!

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The First Week of Pre-Sleeve Surgery Diet

Hey everyone!

So, the plan is to keep a weekly diary about our weight loss journey. I want to tell the good, bad, and the ugly about it all as we go. Thanks for coming along with us, I am sure it will be an interesting ride!

And so it begins…


The photo was taken 5-6-2018
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Our Fat Life

I have been overweight my whole life and my hubby has been his whole adult life. We have watched our scale rise and fall a LOT over the years. We tried exercise and a healthy diet. We tried to always stay active with our little farm and garden, or hiking and biking with the kids and all kinds of things that we are told should help maintain a healthy weight. None of that worked for us. He could lose about 40 pounds and me 20 for a short time but that was never enough nor did it take very long for the pounds to come right back, plus some.


Now we are 43 & 49 years old and we have decided it is time for drastic measures. Join us on our journey!

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