February Arctic Cold Front

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February Arctic Cold Front
February 2, 2011
I don’t know what woke me up but I woke up just a little before the alarm clock went off. I looked at the storm tracker on my computer to see where the storm was because it was suppose to get bad. I could see it was getting close. I was not looking forward to driving to Stewart’s doctor appointment in the nasty rainy cold weather. I looked out my window the wind was whipping the trees around. I tell everyone it is time to get up.
All of a sudden I hear a tree fall. I thought, “Yep it must have been the one that suck in the ground the other day.” I looked and it was. I tell Stewart, “There went that tree!” Stewart got dressed and went to look out side. The sound of the wind was very unsettling. I had no idea the winds was going to be bad. I normally do not stay in our mobile home during bad storms with high winds. I remembered that I prayed last night for protection during our drive to town but I did not pray for protection over our house.
I tell the kids to get in the hall and sit down. I was going into my room to look at the weather on the computer again when I heard a loud shuddering sound. I cringed and my heart sank because I knew it was part of our cover roof. Stewart was standing looking out the back door at the same time, all of a sudden the tin from the chicken house came flying toward the house. He slammed the door shut and hollered at me, “There went the chickens roof!” I grab my Bible and set in the floor with the kids and begin to pray. Stewart went and looked out the front door, “Oh my gosh! our roof came off!” He came to where I was sitting with the kids, praying, “Honey, the roof came off!” ….“ I know I heard it when it happened.” I said, then resumed praying.
The rain was pouring by now and the thunder was rolling. I get up from praying and went and looked on the weather radar on the computer again. I see a break forming in the storm line. I knew it would soon be over. With only a steady rain falling and no more huge wind gusts I went to take a picture of our damage, while Stewart called to check on my parents.IMG_1026
A 24 foot section of our cover roof came off from the middle of our trailer and landed against the tree line, miraculously missing the volleyball net. My mom did not even know the winds had been bad and was shocked to hear about our roof.
My sister Brenda called to check on us and offered to come help if we needed anything, I love my family. I posted this picture on Facebook and told what had happened. Our good friend Pete posted that if we needed help putting it back on just to let him know. I am truly thankful to have a friend who is willing to help at the drop of a hat, a true sign of a Christian brother. I wrote back that I would call if we did.
The roof leaked a small puddle in the kids bathroom and on Austin’s bed and we put a pan under the drip and we noticed a leak stain in the living room. Thankfully it is all small stuff that can be easily fixed.
Since the worst of it was over I knew we would go ahead and go to his appointment. We left the kids at my moms and headed toward town. After the appointment, we borrowed my sister’s trailer and went to get tin to put back on the roof. The temperature dropped fast and had already reached the freezing mark. After getting the kids, and getting bundled up, Stewart and Austin got busy fixing the roof with Anna as a helper.  Adam and I kept the hot chocolate refills coming to my little workers. Adam was the official tester of the coco, he had to make sure it was good and warm.
Austin and Stewart got up on the roof and in no time had it fixed. Stewart always has amazed me at how fast he can work.
IMG_1027 Anna was the official “go-fer”, making her mother a nervous wreck climbing on the ladder.
At just around $200 we are back under a non-leaking roof. I thank GOD our damages was minor and that no one else sustain damages that I know of. Like I told the kids, we took the hit this time and that is ok because GOD provided us with the money to be able to fix it and the capable men (and little girl) that could to do the work. We are blessed.

1Th 5:18  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


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