Torah Scraps ~Devarim~

Torah Scrap ~Devarim~

July 28, 2012




This Week’s Portion

Devarim | דברים | “Words ”

  • Torah: Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22
  • Prophets: Isaiah 1:1-27
  • Gospel: Mark 14:1-16


This Weeks portion, is Moses’ farewell address. It is the beginning of the book of Deuteronomy and is dominated by Moses’ farewell address to the children of Israel as he reminds them to be faithful to Yahweh’s covenant and prepares them to enter the land of Canaan.

In Deuteronomy 1:10 Moses sees all of Israel spread out before him and says:

Yahweh your Elohim hath multiplied you, and, behold, ye are this day as the stars of heaven for multitude. (Deuteronomy 1:10)

He of course is referring back to the promise Yahweh gave Abraham in:

Genesis 15:5  And He brought him forth abroad, and said, “Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them”: and he said unto him, “So shall thy seed be.”


We too are able to be counted in that numbering.

Galatians 3:29  And if ye be the Messiah’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

On Sabbath Morning (Saturday Morning), the kids and I made what I call “Torah Scraps” which are digital scrapbook pages about something in the Torah Portion. We went with the above scriptures.


Austin’s Torah Scrap

My-Scrapbook-000-Page-1 (2)

Anna’s Torah Scrap


Adam’s Torah Scrap


My Torah Scrap

Last night for Sabbath Eve (Friday Night), we stayed at home and lit the Sabbath candles. We listened to a few praise and worship songs and sang the Shema. Stewart prayed over each of us and we prayed over him. We had a special Sabbath dessert of German Chocolate Cake and then settled in to watch a little video of what the Torah Portion was about this week.


~Watch This First~


I really liked this video because there was so much that related to us even now. A number of things spoke to me:

1. “How did we get here” (In the Wilderness)?

Why are we in exile here in “wilderness” called America? Because of disobedience! Just like Israel!


2. “It’s been 2000 years but here we are on the thresh hold of God’s promise. Except nobody knows it”

Sounds about right huh?! Here we are in the end of days and most people just do not realize it! It has been 2000 years since our Messiah ascended and it is nearing the end of the 6000 years “Creation Week” timeline we are on, and nobody knows it!

3. “None of the Israelite who left Egypt are still alive”

All of our forefathers in Messiah have passed on. We have no one to ask the questions that we have, no one who was actually there with Yeshua as he walked on this Earth.


4. “It’s a brand new generation, a generation with no memory…”

We have no memory of what it was like 2000 years ago when there was much strife over Yahweh’s law verses all the laws of man that the Pharisees had added to His word. We do not know which laws were being spoken against by Yeshua. We assume it was Yahweh’s laws because we had no idea that the Rabbis of the time had added so many laws to the Word that people were unable to keep Yah’s laws for having to keep the Rabbi’s laws and traditions!

5. “This generation has no memory other than, wandering in the desert”

We, as mainstream believers, have no memory beyond what we were taught in church, just as our parents and our grandparents and so on. We have no knowledge of our own, only what was passed down from generation to generation and as it was passed down it was added to, taken from, and misunderstood. So by the time we got a hold of our doctrine it looks nothing like the doctrine Yeshua taught while he was here.

6. “And about that they probably have some questions”

As do we! We all have questions about our Bible, some say, “Truth will never be known this side of Heaven.” Maybe that is true, but does that give us an excuse to just not try? Does that give us reason to just keep letting others pass down knowledge or should we be digging into His word for ourselves to see if what we are being told is actually in there and in context?!

7.”The book lists so many battles we must wonder what makes them so important”

We need to always look at each “battle” in our live and wonder why is this important. Apparently Yah thought we need to learn something from the trial he put us through so always pray, “Show me my lesson, Abba!”


8. “As far as we know these nations were minding there own business”


Things that may seem harmless enough, may in fact become a problem for us later down the road. Yah often makes us engage issues that we normally wouldn’t, to work them out before they become problems. Therefore clearing our path.

9.”We got up on our own two feet”

Sometimes to see great moves of Yahweh the first thing we must do is get out of our comfort zone, and make a stand and then MOVE in the direction He is leading us.



10. “After some fearful reports… the people refused to walk another inch.”

Fear is the opposite of faith. Sometimes fear keeps us from fulfilling Yahweh’s will in our lives. Which of course angers Yah when we don’t obey.


11.”Thrust from slavery to freedom … (they) lurched from fear to recklessness”

I believe that our “freedom” often causes us to become reckless. Just because Yah doesn’t have us stoned on the spot anymore does not mean we are no longer accountable for our actions. He just gave us a “grace period” to have time to repent.


12. “They let events drive them rather than taking responsibility for their own future.”

Often our actions are simply a reaction to events in our life. They however may not have been how Yahweh wanted us to react. Always remember obedience is the most important thing!

13. “And it took a few years to get back…”


The aforementioned actions often takes us down paths that we had no business going down in the first place and we end up having to turn around and return to the place where we left Yah to follow our own paths.


14. “Those who forget the lessons of History are doomed to repeat it.”

If we do not learn from our mistakes in life, if we do not seek out what lesson Yahweh is trying to teach us, unfortunately we will have to review the lesson and retake the test later on. It is His objective to teach us, it should be our pleasure to learn.


15. Devarim (The book of Deuteronomy) is Moses effort to help us avoid that mistake (of repeating History)”


If we look to our Torah, our roots we will see what pleases Yah and what angers Him. We will see what we are to do to be blessed and what we do that causes curses.


16.”History isn’t just something that happens to us, History is what we do with what happens to us.”

We have to learn from our mistakes. We cannot control what happens to us, we can only control how we react to what happens to us.


17. “God will keep God’s promises… but the journey gives us time to remind us that the History of our arrival is yet to be written”

We are to grow during the time we are wandering around in our wilderness. We are to take each day as a new opportunity to learn how to be more like Him, how to be pleasing to Him.

“We have been called to the journey, how we get there is up to us!”



















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