Torah Portion – Yitro "Jethro "

Yitro | יתרו | “Jethro “

Torah Portion Yitro

Becky’s Thoughts

One thing I always found interesting was that after the first ten commandments, the people were afraid, trembled, and stood “far off.” They then told Moses, “You speak to us but do not let God speak to us, lest we die.”
God was not finished talking but after the “top ten” list of instructions, the people were done listening to Him. They were willing to listen to man (Moses) but did not want God to speak to them anymore. Ironic isn’t it? All I hear these days is about how people want to hear from God, yet when He did talk to us we didn’t want to listen then, and we don’t want to hear it now either.

Yeshua addressed this in Luke 16:31 If they won’t listen to Moses’ Teachings and the Prophets, they won’t be persuaded even if someone comes back to life.’” I wonder if He was referring to Himself coming back to life… and we are all too busy being “rich” to listen.


This Weeks Torah portion from Ruach Ministries International can be found on Vimeo or their YouTube channel when it is uploaded
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The Portion from Parsha in 60 Seconds!

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The Ten Commandments

Exodus 19:20-20:17

Arts & Crafts & Fun Foods!!

Here is a great craft from! These clay tablets could be made smaller and set on a shelf in your child’s room as a reminder of God’s precious commandments!!


Fun Food Ideas 

Take Fig Newtons, with cream cheese icing, write the Roman Numeral 1-10 on ten Newtons, review which commandment is which number!!



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