May 2018

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”
–  Edwin Way Teale

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May 1st

We officially began our “doctor prescribed diet” as required by our health insurance, of course, he offers to put us on “injectables” for diabetes that will help us lose weight. I declined, no way I am shoving a needle in my stomach. Step one towards getting sleeve surgery… done! I am blogging about our weight loss journey so feel free to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss anything!

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May 5th

We had a gathering at my sister’s house, played “corn hole” and just spend good quality time with the family!

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May 6th

Took the last of the graduation pic with the moody teenager. I swear unless it is a selfie I can’t get her to smile great in a pic!

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We also took the time to get a few family pictures!


Then we hiked down to “waterfall rock” and the kids played in the springs for a while. The past flood had changed the path of the water so Adam tried to move a huge rock onto the shelf to divert the water back to its original path. I don’t think it worked. Anna got stuck in the mud so her big bro had to help her out. And they always have the tradition to stick flowers in my hair when we hike. Sweet memories!

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May 12th

We decided to have a volleyball game with the family at my mom’s house just to socialize some and get some exercise! I think everyone had a great time. It was also my nephews birthday so it was nice to gather, we usually don’t get together much for the “grown-up” kids but maybe we ought to ore often before long they will all be “grown up!”

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May 13th

Mother’s Day, dieting isn’t much fun when the best you can eat is a Subway and not blow your diet. Stewart’s sandwich looks much better than my plain ol’ turkey and cheese but … that is the only one I like.

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We went for a hike around the lake once it got cool in the evening. I love that the kids still like to explore and discover stuff in nature. Anna and Austin found a snakeskin with a couple slugs on in which Anna named Jerome and Dominic and Adam and Austin tried to make a fire by rubbing sticks together.

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May 21st

Anna spent the afternoon at the lake with her BFF Jenna and cousin “L”

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May 18th

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Maybe one day I will talk about some of the deeper sadder parts of my life but right now I just can’t.

May 23rd

We took a small hike around the lake and met an abandoned dog. He walked the trail with us and seeing that he was really poor we feed him from our stash we keep in the truck for such as need as this. I think it was a young pup that got lost out hunting because he was wearing a really nice collar. I posted a pic on Facebook and several friends shared it so hopefully, his owner found him.

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Then we played with some slingshot light up rockets I bought the kids. I really didn’t feel up to doing much of anything at all today but Adam wanted to and for him, I did. I felt better having done so. Sometimes we have to just force ourselves to do something to get us out of our emotional funk.


May 28th

Anna has been begging for a puppy for some time and today we got her one for her graduation gift. He is a sweet and sassy little Australian Cattle Dog mix. Happy young lady!


With so many ups and downs, life is a confusing mixture of joy and sorrow. We just have to learn to roll with the punches and try to push forward.

Peace, love, joy, and blessings,


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