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100th Find

100th Find

January 22, 2012

Like with any “sport” when you make milestones you must make it memorable. It is no different with Geocaching. We were nearing our 100th find marker and wanted to try to hit it on something special. I have been looking at one called Teran which was suppose to be a historical location of the Old Fort Teran.
I plotted our course to end at Teran at precisely the 100th find. This could be tricky if we ended up not finding enough caches before we got to Teran so I made sure we had enough to spare a few DNF (Did Not Finds).


Our first stop on our adventure was at Mt Hope cemetery. It had a nice mausoleum for the Masons here. We all peeked in the windows.

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Caching During a Drought


Caching During a Drought

January 15, 2012


As with any tradition, it begins as an action repeated until it becomes expected. And so it seems picnics have become a tradition anytime we go caching.




We had a cache to find in this road side park but I didn’t even look at where it was suppose to be until we had all eaten. If they had been distracted they would have never finished their lunch! By Yahweh’s grace we had parked at the table that was closest to the cache!

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January 14, 2012


Ever since we had started geocaching we had yet to go with out the kids. This time we made a date of it. The kids had stayed the night with my sister and so we took advantage of some alone time to actually get to geocache and be the ones to find the caches. Normally, I guess we are too old and slow to make it to the caches before the children!



The first cache on our list was one called the Catahoula Boulders.

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Cache a Zoo


Cache a Zoo

January 8, 2012


I was looking around on the map for some place to go geocaching and I spotted that the local zoo had a handful of them placed strategically around it’s property. The kids always love going to the zoo so it was a double blessing to have caches there. I was somewhat worried that maybe it would be hard to hunt them without being noticed with so many people around but I was ready with my geocaching pamphlet in hand if questioned.



Group pics are a must where ever we go… well most of the group. We parents are not to keen on being in the pictures.

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Belated New Years Caching

Belated New Years Caching


My hubby went to the E.R. on December 30th with bad stomach pain, after some meds and getting him hydrated he was feeling better so we begged and pleaded for them to let us go home for New Years Eve. Thankfully they released him and we spent the years transitional moments snuggled up happily in our own bed, happy to be home. He was still not 100% on New Years Day so we gave him another day to “recoop” and then headed out caching on January 2nd. We decided to do some roadside caches so hubby didn’t have to do any trekking and so the kids could get in some logs.

We drove out toward Broaddus and turned onto a farm to market road to begin our caching! I am posting my logs under the appropriate picture to give you an idea of how it goes.


001 (2)

LOG: (((treehugger)) and I found it at the same time but the log was to wet to sign and I didn’t have any spare paper guess I will have to take some supplies with me form now one to fix any problems I find for the next person.

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