A Day at the Lake

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June 7th of this year was “Free Fishing Day” in Texas. This means we could fish any Texas waters for one day only without a fishing license! Of course, we had to load up the rods, paddle boat, picnic basket, & the family and headed out to the lake with my sister and brother in law!!

2014-06-07 (89)

It was an absolutely beautiful day on Lake Sam Rayburn!!

Our oldest son, Austin, is a budding photographer and so his focus for today was to get some nature photos. First thing he did was set up his camera on his tripod to try to get some pictures or the lake! Then he went on a little hike out in the woods with his graduation gift,  a Nikon D3300 SLR camera .

2014-06-07 (3)

Here are some of the pictures he snapped while he was out walking around the lake!! Beautiful aren’t they! You can check out his blog at Capturing the Creation!


Our youngest two  jumped in the paddleboat right away and paddled around the cove, after a bit of a learning curve on how to pilot the boat, they began perch fishing among the grass and lily pads.

2014-06-07 (29)
Anna caught a small sun perch and the poor little fish had to survive the trip back to shore and up to where we were sitting just so she could get a picture taken with her first catch of the day! I explained to her that she just needs to give a shout out when she catches one, my  Nikon P600  can zoom out pretty far and get the picture where ever they are in the cove!

2014-06-07 (19)

It wasn’t long before they sweet talked their Aunt into joining them out in the boat!

Soon I hear, “Got one!” and sure enough, I zoomed my camera out and snatched a picture of my sister’s little perch without having to leave my chair on the bank!

2014-06-07 (47)

Our youngest son, Adam,  had the next fish caught in no time. I was beginning to feel like the paparazzi snapping picture left  and right for every little perch they pulled in, but my kids love to have their accomplishments recorded. I guess that just is the mindset of a blogger’s kid (or at least mine). Often I hear, “This is Facebook worthy!” or “You are going to blog this aren’t you?!” So I can’t disappoint them!

2014-06-07 (51)

After getting some pictures of the area,  Austin was persuaded to go out in the paddleboat and try a little fishing too. He had no problem letting his siblings paddle him around while he scored a nice little perch!

2014-06-07 (73)

Nothing doing, they begged their Uncle out into their little sea vessel! Of course he obliged them! They were out on the water singing and having a good ol’ time while they fished!

2014-06-07 (82)

We had a picnic, enjoyed great conversation, caught a few perch, took some great pictures, got a little sun, and had tons of fun!

I love days like this, making memories and spending time with my family!!

Blessings to you,


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