“Free Fishing Day” Fun

It was the official “Free Fishing Day” in Texas and we were determined to get in on some of that action.

It took us a while to find a nice quiet place to try to get our hooks wet. We drove around for an hour, the places that weren’t already packed, were flooded by the recent abundance of rain Texas has received.

Our “let’s look one last place” turned out to be the impassable road leading to our favorite camping spot.

Free Fishing Day

We had only planned to perch fish anyway, so this place was as good as any for that! And the best part, there were no other folks trying to crowd in on the action. Thank God, because the five of us crowding in to fish down a one lane road was bad enough!


My daughter, Anna, was the first to snag a fish, a baby large mouth bass!!


…and a little later she caught the biggest perch a Bluegill!


Adam with the official smallest fish of the day, a small red eared sunfish! “It’s ear ring sized!”


Hubby was pulling them in left and right, he caught the most with a total of 9!


I only caught one (but I’m not competitive at all) but at least I got to take a fishy selfie!!

There are always plenty of laughable moments anytime we do anything… so here are the hilarious highlights of the day!


My oldest was having the worst luck, not only was his “only catch” a tree, but the poor guy cast his rod and slung the upper half of his rod across the water! Here he is reeling it up, completely unimpressed, “Really mom?” We at least had a good laugh at his expense. He said he didn’t care if he caught anything he was just happy to be out in nature for a while!


When attempting to cast, Adam caught his sister who was behind him changing out her bobber!! Not even phased knowing she was caught, “Adam, I’m so going to hurt you!” was her threat.


Our biggest laugh of the day was Adam’s fish fought back!! (and I happened to get a pic of it) Fishy totally smacked him it the face while I was taking a pic of him showing this was his third fish. “Take that you big brut!” the fish seemed to say!

Great times as always… get out in nature, take your kids fishing, they will thank you for it!!

Things Learned:

LIFE SKILLS: How to laugh and have fun even if you are not the best at something!

LIFE SKILLS: Basic fishing techniques

SCIENCE: Fish identification


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