October 2019


New Phototastic Collage

“Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.” Carol Bishop Hipps

October 11th

Anna is still enjoying her job as a vet tech and Adam is enjoying his pup Sadie, glad to be past the heat and the “dog days of summer.”


Our sweet kitten rescues have grown into beautiful cats, Friend (the male) is very loving and social, Precious, not so much, they are the perfect examples of introvert and extrovert!


October 12th

Hubby and I went on a day trip, walked around a few parks in Rusk, went to the Texas State Railroad to look at the trains, and ate at Posadas. It was a nice little getaway for my birthday! I am just happy spending the day with my love and enjoying some peace and quiet away from everything.


October 19th

Adam joined us on a hike at Martin Dies, he rarely wants to get out of the house but on a special occasion, he will venture out and tag along. Seeing him and his dad side by side, I know he is all grown up now. I sure miss my littles, thankfully he does still have the sweet boyish love for the creepy crawlies we find along the way.



October 21

My mom had to have surgery, my sister & I took turns staying with her at the hospital until she was released then we stayed with her for two weeks to help around the house. It is never easy seeing the ones you love have health problems but I am thankful that all turned out well and that she is back up and her spunky active self!


October 27th

We took Adam to Tyler for the day for his birthday and thankfully Anna could get off work and join us. It had been years since we have been and Adam was too small to remember anything. We had a really good time!



We all were able to feed the giraffes some lettuce, it was hilarious how their big long tongue would wrap around the lettuce! Adam had to pose with the rattler so we could send a picture to Aust later.


Anna even enjoyed herself, as usual, being silly with the props along the way, I sure love my girl who is very quickly growing into a woman.


It was a good day and a special much-needed trip out of town for all of us.

October 30th

For Adam’s actual 17th birthday day we gave him a new Xbox! He was a happy gamer boy!



I always feel a little sad when I write my monthly journal blogs, I miss my babies being babies and seeing them being so grown now is bittersweet, I love who they are as grown(ish) –ups but I sure miss the simple times when they were little. But such as life, the only thing that never changes is everything changes.

Peace, love, joy, and blessings,

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