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Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt “In Nature”

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Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt “In Nature”

My family loves to hike and take nature walks on the weekends! We go so often that we know all the local trails forward and backwards, and honestly, it can get a bit mundane to just keep walking the same “ol’” trail each time, especially for kids. So we like to liven it up a bit with games! And as homeschoolers, games always turn into learning opportunities!

This time, we decided to have an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt “In Nature” using our Cameras !

ABC Photo Scavenger Hunt

Not only does this liven up the nature hikes, it is a fun and adventurous way for little ones to get exercise, learn to appreciate God’s creation, practice their phonics, photography and computer skills!

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Along with informative links,  some posts  contain affiliate links, thank you for supporting this blog and our family by purchasing through my links!


My family loves to geocache!! What? You have never heard of geocaching? Well, it is defined by as:

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.


Yeah, so basically we get our GPS, download the coordinates to the “caches,” and go wander around back roads, hiking trails, and forests looking of containers that sometimes hold small trade items and sometimes it just has a log book to sign. We sign the log, trade an item (called swag)  with one of equal value (if we choose to) and replace the cache just how we found it, log “found it” (or not) on the Geocaching app on my phone, and head off to the next one… It is a great family activity and it gets you out doing and seeing stuff you normally wouldn’t!!

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Wasps on Trial

Another great blog from my son about beneficial insects!

Canvassing Creation

I want to talk about one of the most “notorious pests” around, feared by many, deadly to some, with hundreds of dollars spent to find ways to kill them… wasps! These amazing creatures have long gotten a “bad rap.“ Most people are highly afraid of this insect. People become judge, jury, & executioner in one fatal swat. However, aren’t we suppose to have a chance to face our accuser and a chance to plead our case? Sadly, wasps cannot tell their side of the story, nor can they express their purpose for “being“, so allow me.


Proverbs 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

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My Calling and Purpose

An awesome post from my son, Austin of the blog
“Canvassing Creation”

Canvassing Creation

I remember as a young boy of four or five, standing up to my grandfather who had dumped a bucket of tadpoles onto the ground to kill them, believing they were mosquito larvae. I was sad for the tadpoles and very angry at him. I even said a few angry words to him, although my mother scolded me I felt I had to speak my mind.

Tadpole Crossing

“Tadpole Crossing”

That is my earliest memory of defending the creatures I love.

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A Day at the Lake

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June 7th of this year was “Free Fishing Day” in Texas. This means we could fish any Texas waters for one day only without a fishing license! Of course, we had to load up the rods, paddle boat, picnic basket, & the family and headed out to the lake with my sister and brother in law!!

2014-06-07 (89)

It was an absolutely beautiful day on Lake Sam Rayburn!!

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