Torah Portion – Miketz "From the end "


Miketz | מקץ | “From the end “


Becky’s Thoughts

Joseph seemed to get a raw deal most of his life, but had it not been for his unfavorable circumstances, Israel would have perished in the drought…
If only we could accept the events in our life like Joseph did and make the most out of every situation. Instead most of us set around and grumble and complain about every little hardship. What if we decided to just yield to the Master’s hand an whatever He puts us through, simply know He is in control and the outcome will be profitable to the Master plan.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. (Isaiah 55:8 )

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Commentaries and activities for Miketz at…


I really like the depth in the lessons from…


Pick the Lessons that fit each weeks portion!

Miketz  from Parsha in 60 Seconds!

Miketz from G_dcast

Printables for the kids and more…

Great stuff from…

Torah Portion Lessons

To find color sheets activities crafts and much more go to the section called “family parsha”!!

Challah Crumbs

Miketz  activities

Fun Foods, Crafts, and Activities


What better way to discuss abundance than have some steak and corn (like in Pharaoh’s dreams) for Shabbat meal and what is more fun than kabobs!!

Here is a great recipe from Betty Crocker for Grilled Beef and Corn Kabobs!




Here is a Coat of Many Colors bookmark from Crafting the Word of God! Template included!




One of my favorite things to do especially on cold or rainy Sabbath days is watch movies or cartoons about the Bible story from the portion!
Here is a great animated version of Joseph! {afflink}

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By Paramount

When a young boy named Joseph dreamed dreams, he changed the course of history! Featuring the voices of Jodi Benson and Ben Affleck, this inspiring music adventure vividly portraysJoseph’s painful exile into Egypt, his rise to power as Pharaoh’s right hand, and the sudden twist of fate that reunites him with the brothers who betrayed him. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Approx. 74 minutes.



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