Hanukkah Bear “Mason Jar” Snow Globes

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Hanukkah Bear “Mason Jar” Snow Globes


Finding Hanukkah decorations can be a bit of a challenge in a small rural town, so why not make your own!! Even if you are in a big city where Hanukkah is well represented, this is just too cute to pass up!

I decided to try my hand at making a Hanukkah themed Mason Jar Snow Globe! These can be used as décor or given as gifts!!


Hanukkah Bear


We did this craft for one of our activities during Hanukkah!






The first thing you need to do is prepare your bears by unscrewing the eye hook from it’s little head!




Then take a pair of side cutters and snip the loop off of your Menorah charm! (yes the Menorah’s I use are seven branch not the traditional nine branch Hanukiah)

Take the bear and menorah, dab a bit of super glue (because it dries fast) to the menorah and stick it beside your little bear to it’s body, leg, & arm, hold it for several seconds to make sure it is secure! Lay it aside to dry completely.

If you use a silver jar lid and ring, it matches the blue and silver colors of Hanukkah or you can spray paint the lids ahead of time or have a ribbon around the bottom to cover the lid. We kept it simple!

I ran a “bead” of waterproof glue around the inside edge of the ring and placed the lid onto the ring.




**This step is optional but I took the rhinestones and did a mosaic on the lid… the reason this is optional is because (hindsight and all) the glitter “snow” will cover it. It was fun to do the mosaic just the same though. I applied waterproof glue to the lid then moved my rhinestones around with tooth picks to make my design. I though it was really pretty… to bad the glitter “snow” covered it!
If you do this, make sure you do not glue anything to the rubber gasket part of the lid or it will get in the way of the jar when you try to close it!




I then glued my little Menorah Bear to the rhinestones but if you skip that part you can just glue it directly to the lid. I do suggest having some kind of thick stand to get the little bear up above the lid ring some, maybe a round “block’ of wood…  the trial and error process happens a lot in my house because I tend to see something and try to create my own version of it without much research… which leads to my ever present need for a learning curve.




My thought was the glitter would stick to the extra glue and be like “grout” but none of that would matter when I add the “snow.”

I let the crafted lid dry overnight, then I filled my jars with water leaving a little bit of room for water displacement for when I added the bear lid. I added a teaspoon of glitter, and a dash of glycerin to keep the glitter from falling too quickly, be careful not to add to much or the “snow” will stay at the bottom. Then wiped the rim of the jar and placed a “bead” of waterproof glue along the rim of the jar and screwed the lid down tight!



Whala!! I haven’t had any leaks so I consider that a job well done!!!


Add a bow and what a cutie!!!

Happy Hanukkah!!!



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